What VIP Protection entails

The words safety and security are very often used together and sometimes interchangeably to describe a sense of defence or precaution. They do, however each mean something slightly different and it is important to understand the difference between safety and security.

Safety and security both mean protection to some extent. This protection can include physical protection or the safeguarding of one’s assets by creating a safe, risk free environment. Security is used to provide a feeling of safety.

Safety can be defined as the condition one feels when one is protected physically or emotionally against harm or damage. Safety can also mean the protection from something that may cause danger, risk or loss and is often used to describe the protection against accidental incidences like environmental disasters.

The word security refers to being safe from danger or threats that are inflicted or purposely caused by people. Security can also be described as the system or process one follows to ensure safety or protection against criminal activities. One would install a CCTV system to provide security in a home or building. One would also employ the services of a 24 hour guard or install electric fencing and booms to offer security. These security measures are used to provide safety for people and their belongings.

When people, places or countries are under threat by the ill intent of others, the safety and security of people and their assets are compromised. When the security is threatened, the people’s safety is put in danger. For example, a building can be safe because it is structurally sound, and in the case of conflict, a building can be secure because of armed forces protecting it. When one uses the phrase “safety first” – one means that one must prevent any accidents from happening and when one says “security first”, one refers to the prevention of harmful actions of people.

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The bodyguards that offer VIP protection are skilled in a number of areas. They need to have excellent planning, problem solving and communication skills to provide effective VIP protection.

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