Safety and Security in Shopping Malls

Visiting a large shopping mall during a weekend may seem like nothing new, however shopping centres are also often frequented by criminals that may compromise your safety and security. Most people are not even aware of criminals and their intentions when shopping or enjoying a meal at a restaurant in a shopping mall.

Parking areas pose a risk for shoppers as they are often too preoccupied with loading their goods into their cars to notice someone aspproaching them. In order to maintain your safety and security, do not place your handbag or wallet on a car seat or on the roof of your car whilst unpacking your groceries. Keep your belongings on your person until you are in your vehicle. Park your car in a well lit part of the parking lot for your own safety, especially at night.

All shopping centres employ guarding security officers to ensure the safety and security of the mall patrons. The security officers are required to patrol the mall and manage problem areas such as narrow passages as well as the entrances and exits of the shopping centre. Guarding security officers are also employed to monitor the people in the shopping mall. Individuals who are merely hanging around target areas in shopping malls such as entertainment areas and food courts will be monitored to ensure they will not jeopardise the safety and security of others.

It is easy to forget about your handbag or shopping bags when enjoying a meal, and handbags that are casually placed underneath a table become an easy target for criminals. Open handbags pose a safety and security risk, as the contents can easily be stolen by a pickpocket. Ensure the safety and security of your belongings when visiting the public restroom by taking them into the cubicle with you and refrain from putting them on the floor where they can easily be grabbed under a cubicle wall.

CCTV cameras are also used in shopping malls, especially around banks and large jewellery stores. Cameras are not always able to prevent crimes from happening, rather to identify criminals and suspicious behaviour. If you intend on making a large purchase at a shopping mall, one should consider asking a friend to accompany you for additional safety and peace of mind. Be aware of who is around you and if you feel your safety and security will be compromised by going into a certain area of the mall Ė rather donít go.


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Most people are not even aware of criminals and their intentions when shopping or enjoying a meal at a restaurant in a shopping mall.

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