SNG Security, Safety & VIP Protection (SNG) has many career opportunities available in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria. We are always looking for qualified individuals to add to our existing team.

Should you be interested in an employment opportunity at SNG Security, Safety & VIP Protection (SNG) please contact us:

Tel: 0861 764 732
E-mail: personnel@sngsecurity.co.za Fax: 011 894 2226.



All prospective employees are subject to a strict recruitment and selection criteria to ensure that only the highest calibre of person is chosen. Each guarding candidate undergoes a security clearance check as well as PF16 psychoanalytic testing prior to an offer of employment. The objective is to ensure the candidate’s compatibility with a position of trust in a security company and also that the candidate fits the culture of the company, which is one of service and protection.

Candidates have to have certain characteristics to ensure they have the right attitude for the security industry. They also undergo communication and literacy tests, where after potential candidates are interviewed. Successful candidates must be PSIRA registered.

Management and staff attend regular refreshment training courses. Our security officers also receive on-site training and motivation. Regular evaluations are done.

Provident fund
All staff and employees are registered at the Provident Fund.

Employees who show commitment, loyalty, competence and ability, are rewarded with promotion opportunities within the company.

Bonus incentives
Bonuses are entirely performance-based and high performing employees are rewarded.


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